About Birds of Prey Centre

Birds of prey

Aliwee, Go Clare

The Burren is one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations as the karst limestone landscape and plentiful flora draw visitors from around the world. The Birds of Prey Centre, opened in 2008, is great fun for all the family. It is here that you and the kids can get up close and personal with birds of prey such as eagles, falcons, and owls from all over the world.

The centre is very educational and teaches visitors about the bird’s biology, conservation, and the ancient art of falconry. You’ll see dynamic flying displays on show where patrons can view many species in dramatic free flight.

There are also hawk walks on offer which are a once in a lifetime chance to be guided and instructed by experienced falconers to handle and feed your own hawk. These walks last about an hour and travel through hazel woodland and across Burren limestone pavement.

Admission is nor more than a few Euro and well worth it as you and the family will be fully satisfied upon leaving the grounds.

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