Car Rental Terms Jargon Buster

When renting a car, there are various industry specific terms you will come across. This page seeks to explain these terms and what they mean in an easy to understand manner.

ACRISS Car Classifications

ACRISS car classification codes are a standard used by car rental companies worldwide to accurately classify cars according to a four letter code. Click here for more information on ACRISS codes.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW is a mandatory coverage when renting a car in Ireland, and will be included in the quotation you get for the car rental, (except if you are booking from America). CDW covers customers for damage to the vehicle and will include an excess liability.

Or Similar

When renting a class of vehicle, it will be described as Hyundai i40 or Similar. The or similar refers to the fact there are a number of different cars that will feature in this category (IDMN). When collecting the car, you will be guaranteed a car in this class, not specifically a Hyundai i40.

Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited mileage means that there are no mileage restrictions on your rental, and you can drive any distance you wish while you rent the car.

Theft Protection

In the event of a theft or attempted theft, the renter is liable for the same excess amount as damage.

Super Damage Waiver Cover (SDW)

SDW is a supplementary cover that you may purchase when your rate is already inclusive of CDW and TP.  The cost of this cover changes depending on the size of vehicle you rent. SDW will reduce your excess liability, in many cases to €0.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance covers you against the cost of damage to somebody else's property. This is included as standard when you rent from

Premium Location Fee

A location surcharge is a charge levied by some car rental companies to cover the cost of transport at a particular location.

Additional Driver

Additional Driver refers to any subsequent drivers added to the rental in addition to the main driver.

Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover is a low cost insurance product that protects you in the event that you are forced to cancel your rental