Walking Tours in Cork


Cork City, Co Cork

Cork may be Ireland’s second-largest city, but it’s still small enough to cross on foot. That makes time spent here that much more rewarding. With that in mind, the Cork City Council has put together a series of free, self-guided walking tours of the city. Each offers its own unique perspective on the city. The following three self-guided tours have been organised by the City Council:

The City Centre Island Walk

This walk focuses on Cork’s city centre, following several river channels that once divided a series of islands. Today, many of these former channels are now prominent streets – including St Patrick’s Street, the Grand Parade and the South Mall. The tour goes on to explore the bridges spanning the river Lee, each of which has its own story to tell. All of this connects back to the important role that trade played in the development of Cork and its culture.

The Shandon Walk

This walk covers much of the most important historic ground in Cork. It revolves around the Butter Exchange complex, which was one of the most important economic strongholds of old Cork. It goes on to explore the city’s architecture as well as the socio-political shifts that fuelled the shift from Catholicism to Anglican and back to Catholicism. Many of the historic thoroughfares of trade featured on this walk are still important strands of commerce to this very day.

The South Parish Walk

This particular walk takes a deeper look at Cork’s development from marshy river land to Ireland’s second city. It takes in churches, mills, breweries and historic houses in the city. Many of the place names along this route connect back to prominent families that played integral roles in Cork’s development.