Visiting the Crawford Art Gallery

Crawford Art Gallery

Cork City, Co Cork

One of the finest art galleries in Ireland, Crawford features work by some of the great Irish painters. Highlights include the artistic accomplishments of Jack B Yeats, Sir John Lavery, Nathaniel Hone and Mainie Jellet. The gallery is free to the public, and it welcomes more than 200,000 visitors each year.

The gallery boasts a growing permanent collection of visual arts that includes well over 2,000 works. Temporary exhibits add colour and variety, and offer the community ample opportunity to explore international artistic traditions and cultures.

The following permanent exhibits operate throughout the year:


The painting gallery begins with work from the 17th century and includes paintings by John Closterman and Nathaniel Grogan. This continues through each subsequent century, with the greatest concentration of work from the 20th century. One exhibit is dedicated to the work of women artists from 1886 to 1978. For more information about painting, click here.


The print collection spans the 18th to 21st centuries, with a special sub-collection dedicated to the work of Robert Gibbings and a gallery of popular prints from the 19th century. Click here for more information about print.


The sculpture collection features work from the 19th century to the present day, but it also includes casts of Greco-Roman sculptures that were made by Canova in the 19th century. These were taken from originals in the Vatican. There’s a back story to the sculptures as well. They were given to King George IV by the pope in the early 19th century. He didn’t care for them, and opted to keep them in storage until someone mentioned that Cork might be able to make use of them. Click here for more information about Sculpture.


The watercolour collection begins in the 1730s with the work of Captain Daniel Charles Grose. It continues into the present day and also includes sketches by Samuel Forde. Click here for more information about Watercolour.

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Photo credit: Digital Eye

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