About Dublinia


Dublinia, Co Dublin

Dublinia offers a fantastic experience to learn about Dublin’s past in a fun and informative way. Located in the heart of Dublin City they host 3 exhibitions: Viking Dublin, Medieval Dublin, and a History Hunters section that shows how archaeology works and how it has been used to uncover Dublin’s rich history.

The Viking Dublin Exhibition shows what life was like on a Viking warship and how they faced their long and challenging voyages. You can also learn about their weapons, clothes, and customs. There is a recreation of a Viking house that transports you back in time through sights, sounds, and smells.

The Medieval Dublin Exhibition travels back to the Strongbow era in Ireland. Here you’ll see what the city once looked like, while learning about warfare, crime and punishment, and death and disease. Learn how to play medieval games and much more when visiting the medieval fair.

The History Hunters Exhibition informs on the methods used to uncover the history of Dublin City. Learn how archaeology and science are paired together to discover our past. On display are many Viking and Medieval artefacts, including a medieval skeleton found in Dublin.

Admission is relatively inexpensive as adults pay €8.50, children €5.50, and there is a family pass that costs €24.00 for 2 adults and 2 children. 

Photo credit: Barcex

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