Visiting The Science Gallery

Science Gallery

Trinity College Dublin, Co Dublin

This is the newest gallery in Dublin. It opened in 2008 in the Naughton Institute at Trinity College and welcomed its millionth visitor in 2012. This is a 21st-century museum experience to the fullest, complete with hands-on exhibits, multimedia displays and the chance to get involved with science at every turn. Best of all, it’s free to the public.

The gallery bills itself as a world-first and a place where ‘art and science collide’. It certainly is a place that encourages independent thought and the scepticism to question everything. With that in mind, the science gallery is a hotbed for enquiry and debate.

There are no permanent collections at the Science Gallery, so return guests are always up for something new. Exhibits rotate in and out, and there are sometimes two or three weeks of downtime when one exhibit is being taken down and another assembled. With this in mind, check in ahead of your visit to see what’s on.   

The gallery also hosts a regular schedule of events throughout the year. These usually relate to the current exhibits and can take the form of debates, workshops or seminars. 

The Science Gallery has received a great deal of public affirmation for the work it’s doing in Dublin – and not just in the form of a steady stream of visitors. Google recently gifted the institute with a grant to launch the Global Science Gallery Network. This initiative is working in tandem with universities in various urban centres to open several other Science Galleries by the year 2020. There are currently two in operation – here in Dublin as well as in London – with plans to open more in New York, Melbourne, Bangalore and Singapore. 

Check out the current line-up of exhibits on the Science Gallery website, and find out more through the Facebook portal.

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