Visiting Galway

Galway City

Galway City Museums

Galway has a reputation for cultural attractions. In fact, the local arts scene is flourishing, and this means that local galleries and museums are among the best in the country. This is enhanced by a vibrant local history. Medieval skirmishes and Neolithic settlements have left behind plenty of artefacts and legends for local museums to curate. 

Galway is home to the following art galleries and museums:

Galway Arts Centre

The Galway Arts Centre is housed in the former residence of Lady Gregory, the famous patron of W.B. Yeats’ patron. It’s fitting that this townhouse continues to support the arts in Galway. Visitors can enjoy visual arts installations, but that’s only part of the facility’s offerings. The Galway Youth Theatre cultivates among young and aspiring thespians, and poetry slams are hosted throughout the year. The arts centre also hosts the Nuns Island Theatre at a separate venue. It regularly hosts independent films, concerts and seminars. 

Bold Art Gallery

Quirky, irreverent and undeniably fun, Bold Art Gallery is an active supporter of local artists. You don’t have to be an art snob to enjoy a visit to Bold Gallery. In fact, it’s probably better if you’re nothing of the sort. The exhibits span a host of media, including modern art, 3D installations and more traditional paintings.

Galway City Museum

Visit the Galway City Museum perched on the banks of the River Corrib for a proper tour of historic Galway. Exhibits cover a wide variety of topics, including prehistoric cultures, medieval history, sculpture and Galway’s important role in historic battles and skirmishes. You’ll also find installations on traditional dance and local cinema.