The Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way

2500km Route Along the West Coast of Ireland

Seen from the sky: The Wild Atlantic Way by a drone

The Wild Atlantic Way is a new and exciting tourism project in Ireland. It is, at its core, a driving route of unprecedented length, tracing 2,400 km of Ireland’s western seaboard. Along the way, the drivers encounter the rugged and unspoilt coastline, epic panoramas and independent villages that have maintained their Gaelic heritage and language. This is – in so many words – the Ireland that you’ve imagined.

The driving route is has been launch in March 2014 and is complete with WWW road signs, its connect from Donegal in the north to Cork in the south. But this route is about much more than driving. It will link destinations and attractions, giving visitors the chance to explore the land, engage in outdoor sports and bask in traditional culture. The route links with walking paths, cycling routes discovery points, giving drivers as many reasons to get out of the car as they have to drive on. 

Western Ireland’s Atlantic coastline is rough and rugged. The sea churns relentlessly against the shore, carving out fluted cliffs and coves. Islands populate the seascape, and many are accessible through a short ferry ride. There are also several places along the way where drivers can stop to view migrating seabirds in their seasons. Puffins, razorbills, kittiwakes and guillemots are commonly sighted. 

Ireland’s Atlantic frontier is a place of raw, wild beauty. The land’s struggle against the sea here is palpable, and it become even more pronounced when you consider it through the lens of the Iron Age civilisations that once held this land. The Wild Atlantic Way is without a doubt – the single greatest way to experience western Ireland.

Europcar Tourism Index surveyed over 6,000 customers visiting Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way route. Europcar has built a Wild Atlantic Way by Europcar website highlighting detailed insights from people who have experienced the route.

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