Long Term Car Rental

We Are Here to Help, Tell Us What You Need

Welcome to our long-term rentals page. You probably didn't expect to land here, but have done because you either tried to price or make a reservation for a minimum of 29 days.

In Ireland, any rental for 29 days or more is considered long-term. And, in our experience, customers must have specific requirements met before renting for an extended period.

Which is exactly why we do our utmost to create a rental agreement tailored to the exact needs of the renter. If you have questions about any aspect of renting with us for a considerable duration, simply fill out our Customer Enquiry Form and one of our agents will contact you directly with all the relevant information.

Here's what we guarantee:


You will not be tied to a fixed-term contract and are entitled to alternate vehicles according to your needs


Comprehensive vehicle service and maintenance included, and forget about rolling fixed rates - you only pay when you rent


Access to our expert long-term rentals team and regular, up-to-date financial and vehicle usage reports

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