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Galway Location

Car Rental in Galway is located on at the Motorpark, which lies on Headford Road near its intersection with the N6. This is roughly halfway between the city centre and the airport, which can be reached by car in about ten minutes. The city centre lies another five minutes to the south.

Galway makes for a perfect base from which to explore the entire west coast of Ireland. Taxis are plentiful around Eyre Square and Bridge Street, but these are only practical for short jaunts around the city centre. Likewise, it’s possible to board a bus in Galway and head for other towns and attractions in the surrounding area. However, the most practical way to explore out-of-the-way attractions or to beat the crowds at popular sites such as the Cliffs of Moher is behind the wheel of your Galway Car Rental

Bear in mind, in the city centre you will be better off on foot. Galway is compact easily to see without the baggage of a vehicle. However, that’s not an argument against having a car hire at your disposal. Parking is plentiful – whether at your hotel or city-operated pay and display spaces. And when you do require four-wheeled transportation, you’ll appreciate the affordability factor of a hire car versus a local taxi.

When you are ready to explore outside of the city centre, consider visiting some of the following attractions:

Connemara is more of a region than a specific location, and much of the pleasure of a visit is the chance to drive along secondary roads and enjoy the scenic countryside. Route 336 follows the coast, which is ribbed and fluted with majestic cliffs and coves. Stop by in a small coastal and take a seat in a local pub if you want to hear traditional Irish Gaelic spoken in one of its last authentic strongholds. Find out more about Connemara

The Go Connemara website covers a lot of information and things to do on Connemara Loop.

The Burren (37 km south of Galway)
Anyone who drives between Galway and Clare will enjoy the scorched landscape of the Burren. A small segment has been designated as a national park (the smallest in Ireland). Limestone outcroppings permeate the Burren, interspersed with medieval ruins and megalithic tombs. Small towns like Doolin host authentic trad music scenes.  Find our more about The Burren

Aran Islands (40 km west to ferry departure point at Rossaveel)
You can’t drive all the way to the Aran Islands, but your hire car can get you as far as Roosaveel (via Routes 337 and 336). From here, ferries shuttle passengers to the islands. The majestic centrepiece is Dun Aengus, a formidable Iron Age fort that fronts the Atlantic and faces down the wind and brisk salt air. There’s nothing like this in the world. Find out more about Aran Islands

The Cliffs of Moher (80 km south-west of Galway)
Intensely popular, the Cliffs of Moher as well-visited as they deserve to be. For the best perspective on these verdant, rocky headlands, leave Galway early in the morning and beat the tour buses. Migrating sea birds arrive in their seasons and build nests hundreds of feet above the churning Atlantic. It’s an impressive site. Find our more about Cliffs of Moher

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