Activities in Cavan Town

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Cavan Activities

Cavan Town is a small and relatively unknown stop on Ireland’s tourism trail, but there’s a lot going on here. This works in favour of those who rent a car in Cavan, as they can easily plan two or three different activities for every day they are in the county. For example, you could easily go fishing in the morning, browse a crystal showroom in the afternoon and be free just in time for a traditional Irish music session at local pub in the evening.

The following are a few popular pastimes in County Cavan:


You can easily spend two or three days shopping in Cavan, especially if you are interested in picking up a piece of fine Cavan crystal to take home with you. The scene picks up at the weekends with a farmer’s market every Friday and Saturday mornings (at the Egg Market and McCarron’s Shop, respectively). Visit the Cavan Crystal Hotel on Dublin Road to browse examples of the local specialty.


Several golf courses operate in County Cavan, including a few that are easily played in a morning or afternoon for those based in Cavan town. The terrain here is challenging, and golfers in Cavan like to blame missed shots on the incredible views. Golfing in Cavan is affordable, and avid anglers can gain access to three top courses with the Cavan Golf Pass.

Listening to Music

Music and the arts are alive and well in Cavan. Over the past few years, the county has seen the introduction of several new arts centres that host exhibitions and concerts (contact the Cavan Arts Office for more information). For a trad Irish music session, simply stop by any number of Cavan town’s pubs at the weekend. Find details on specific venues on the County Cavan tourism portal


County Cavan is a bona fide ‘land of lakes’ – though you’re as likely to hear them called loughs in a tip of the hat to the old Gaelic language. Avid anglers have no shortage of opportunity here, as the official lake count is 366 across the entire county. Cavan hotels can help you sign up for angling tours, or you can visit a local outfitter to arrange tackle and arrange an independent tour via hire car. Check the County Cavan Angling Guide for specifics on where to cast a line.


If you have a car hire at your disposal, it’s easy to set up walking tours in the countryside. Ancient ruins and prehistoric sites are accessible through a vast network of walking trails across Cavan. If you’d like to walk in good company, plan a visit during the annual Cavan Walking Festival, which takes place during the first couple of weekends in May. 

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