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Places to visit with your car rental

There is really no substitute for visiting Cavan with a hire car. When you have a vehicle at your disposal, it is easy to get out of town and explore the countryside. Given the fact that so many people visit Cavan specifically for the scenic walks and first-rate angling, car rental is an essential consideration.

Even if you are based in the town centre, you’ll still want to have a vehicle at your disposal. The actual town of Cavan is charming, but small, and most visitors spend relatively little time exploring the town centre. Local buses ply regular routes, but the coverage isn’t the same as it would be in a much bigger city. Likewise, taxis are in limited supply and relatively expensive. 

If you plan on venturing into the countryside of County Cavan to stage hikes, go horseback riding or explore the lakes, then you’ll want to have a hire car from County Cavan. The N3, N54 and N55 converge on the town centre, with a network of secondary roads opening up the countryside. Just be aware the vast network of lakes in the county forced road builders to be creative, and there are plenty of twists and turns in the mix. 

Whether you rent a car in Cavan or drive one in from elsewhere, you’ll be glad you had a vehicle at your disposal. This is beautiful countryside, and once you’ve seen and experienced it, you’ll probably be surprised that more visitors aren’t passing through here.

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