Driving Distances in Ireland - Miles

driving distances miles

To get the additional information for each route click on the time entry in the chart below. All distances bellow are quoted in kilometers are and approximate. Please note the Ireland driving distances and driving times can vary, please allow plenty of time.

Kilometers Belfast
Cork 260m
Dublin 160m 105m
Galway 135m 125m 195m
Kilkenny 105m 85m 100m 190m
Killarney 130m 130m 190m 60m 290m
Limerick 70m 100m 65m 125m 80m 225m
Sligo 145m 215m 150m 90m 130m 210m 125m
Waterford 180m 80m 120m 35m 140m 100m 80m 205m

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