Dublin Airport Public Transport

Dublin Airport Transport

Public Transportation

Dublin Airport’s public transport scene is comprehensive – even more so since the opening of Terminal 2. The most convenient means of travelling to and from the airport is by car, which is why so many travellers prefer cheap car hire at Dublin Airport. However, there are many other options on hand as well.

Travel by bus

A fleet of 700 buses connects Dublin Airport to the rest of Ireland. Some ply routes between the terminals and prominent Dublin locations. Others head for farther-flung cities on the island.

For transport across Dublin, look for services from Dublin Bus, Airlink, Aircoach, Flybus and Urbus. The list of coaches offering national service is significantly longer. Some coaches connect directly to regional hubs like Galway, Kilkenny and Limerick. Others stop at bus or rail stations in Dublin for transfer services.

A full list of coaches and routes operated from Dublin Airport are available on the airport’s website.

Travel by taxi

Taxis queue outside of the Arrivals Halls of Terminals 1 and 2. Officially, they are required to accept fares to any destination within a 30 kilometre radius. Dublin Airport taxis are expensive, but they can be convenient for single-leg journeys. For anything more, a hire car is much more practical.

Licensed taxis have to follow certain regulations. All fares should be calculated on the meter only. Passengers should also receive a printed receipt upon payment.

Travel by car

This is the most convenient way to get to and from the airport – especially if you are renting from Europcar and capitalising on their painless drop-off procedures. Dublin Airport is easily accessed by the city’s ring road (M50), and signs clearly mark the route to the airport.

Round-the-clock parking is available at the airport. There are 14,400 long-term and 3,600 short-term spaces on site. Automated pay stations simplify the parking process. The short-term car park is a short distance from both terminal entrances. The long-term car parks are farther out and connected to the terminals by a complimentary 10- to 20-minute shuttle bus ride.

Travel by rail

There is no direct rail service available to Dublin Airport. However, passengers can charter taxis or take buses from either terminal to Connolly or Heuston rail stations for onward travel by train.