Dublin Airport Security Considerations

Dublin Airport Security

Security at Dublin Airport explained

Security protocol is uniform across both terminals, but the setup is different in each case. Regardless of which terminal your flight departs from, the Dublin Airport Authority advises showing up around 1 hour, 30 minutes before your flight. This is probably more time than you need, but coming this early ensures that your plans won’t be ruined by long queues at security checkpoints. If you are dropping off a Dublin Airport rental car, remember to add another 30 minutes.

At airports around the world, security protocol can be a bit of a hassle, but they are in place for good reason. Security procedures at Dublin Airport focus on what is and is not allowed aboard an airplane. Hand luggage and personal items – essentially anything that will be on your person while you are aboard the plane – will be checked with electronic detection equipment. Security officials may also hand-check items you are carrying with you.

It’s essential that you double check with your airline concerning when your flight leaves and when the final boarding call is given. Each airline’s procedures are different, but most open check-in counters two hours before scheduled departure.

You can minimise the time you spend at security screening points by taking a few advance measures. If your airline allows online check-in, doing so will buy you a few minutes in the terminal. However, you should still allot 90 minutes for the entire process. You can also make things easier on yourself by keeping prohibited items out of your hand luggage. The list of prohibited items is predictable and includes anything that could pose a risk to passengers of the structural integrity of the plane. For a full breakdown, view the list of prohibited items on Dublin Airport’s website.