Theatres in Dublin

Theatres, Dublin

Dublin City, Co Dublin

While London has a worldwide reputation for Theatre and in particular Musicals, Dublin has always had an extremely strong reputation for high quality theatrical productions. In fact, Dublin has a very active theatre scene located in and around the city centre. Dublin has enormous potential to develop as a cultural destination, and a new Cultural Quarter is planned top open in 2017.

The Abbey Theatre

The Abbey Theatre is Ireland’s national theatre and was first opened in 1904 and has remained active to this day. Founded by WB Yeats and Lady Gregory “to bring upon the stage the deeper emotions of Ireland,” a mission that still holds today.

Gate Theatre

Located at the top of O’Connell Street, Gate Theatre often shows international works of Interest, continuing its work of challenging the people of Ireland with works from around the world.

The Gaiety

The Gaiety specialises in musical productions including opera with the occasional drama or comedy show. The Gaiety opened in 1871, and visiting today still remains true to its Victorian beginnings. At Christmas Time, The Gaiety runs an annual Pantomime which is extremely popular.

Bord Gais Energy Theatre

The Bord Gais Energy Theatre arose out of the need for a theatre in Dublin to be able to stage larger productions along with the O2. Today, large scale productions such as The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked are regularly held here.

The Point Depot

Now known as the 02, has seating capacity for 14,000 people, and holds the large music acts when they visit Dublin.

The Peacock Theatre

Located on the same site as the Abbey Theatre, the Peacock Theatre focuses more on the experimental side of the Irish National Theatre Scene, providing a stage for up and coming writers and actors.

The Olympia Theatre

Similar to The Gaiety, The Olympia Theatre still remains true to its Victorian heritage with an iconic wrought iron and glass canopy located at its entrance. The theatre is often used for musical acts with Irish artists and International artists alike appearing.

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