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Car rental cover is an issue that many customers are confused by so we at wanted to make the options available to you as clear as possible!

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver Cover

As the renter, you are financially liable for the cost of any damage to rental vehicle. Collision Damage Waiver limits your financial liability in the event of any damage and is included in our rates.  The liability or excess amount differs depending on the size of vehicle you are renting.  With, the excess amounts are €1,500/€1,800/€2,000.  This means that if you are renting a small vehicle, and the vehicle is unfortunately damaged while in your care, you are liable for the first €1,500 but we will cover any amount above this.  €1500 will be charged to you on return of the vehicle but, if the damage is less than €1,500, we will refund the difference once the vehicle is repaired.  To reduce your financial liability, you can purchase SDW cover - see below.

TP - Theft Protection Cover

The same rules apply to TP as to CDW above.  In the event of a theft or attempted theft, the renter is liable for the same excess amount as damage.

SDW – Super Damage Waiver Cover

Super Damage Waiver is a supplementary cover that you may purchase when your rate is already inclusive of CDW and TP. Again, the cost of this cover changes depending on the size of vehicle you rent. With the range is €21.00 - € 28.00 per day inclusive of tax. By paying the premium for SDW, your financial liability is reduced to zero. SDW is available to purchase on collection of your vehicle and should be considered as "Peace of Mind" cover.

Some examples of how our cover works...

Michelle is renting a Ford Focus.  She has booked online and her rate includes Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection.  This size vehicle has a €1,500 excess.  This means Michelle must leave a pre-authorisation on her credit card for €1,500 in the event of damage to the vehicle.

Gavin is renting a Ford Mondeo.  His rate also includes CDW and TP.  This size vehicle has an excess of €1,600 but Gavin wants does not want to leave this amount on his credit card.  He chooses to purchase SDW cover for €28.00 per day.  The excess on this vehicle is now reduced to zero.

Alternatives to our cover...

1 If you are resident in the Republic of Ireland and have a fully comprehensive policy in your own name, you may transfer the cover from your own car to our rental car as long as your insurance company allows this.  Please note however that if your personal policy has an excess, you will still be liable for that amount.  Any member of our Reservation Department can help you if you need any further information.

2 If you are a US/Canadian resident and are the holder of a US issued World MasterCard or Canadian issued Gold/Platinum Visa/MasterCard, your credit card provider may cover you for CDW and TP in Ireland.  You should contact your credit card company directly to confirm if you can avail of this cover as each card issuer has different terms.  They will have to provide you with a letter confirming that you are covered in Ireland.  Please note that we can only accept a credit card for  CDW cover for a max of 28 days in any one calendar year. Full details can be found in our FAQ's section.  To avail of these rates, please tick "waive CDW" on our quote page.

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