Galway City Parking

Galway City

Places to park in Galway City

As mentioned, central Galway is walk-able. However, finding appropriate parking is essential to enjoying the pedestrian-based attractions. Fortunately, Galway delivers ample parking space across town, including some free street spaces outside of traffic hours. 

If this isn’t your first time driving in Ireland, then you’ll already be familiar with the pay and display system. On-site machines accept cash and (in some cases) credit cards, allowing drivers to pay for set blocks of time. The machine will issue a receipt that you can display under your windscreen. Bear in mind that these machines accept coins but don’t issue change.

For up-to-date parking rates, you are best off checking the Galway city website. Generally speaking, parking is charged in 15-minute increments up to the first hour, with an hourly charge in affect after this. Two hours is the maximum amount of time that you can park a car in one spot on the street. These regulations are enforced from 08:30 AM to 18:30 PM from Monday to Saturday. Outside of these hours (and on public holidays), parking is free.

For longer-term parking, make use of dedicated public car parks around the city. Parking at Salthill is free and provides access to the Promenade. You can also leave a vehicle for extended periods at College Road, Gaol Road and Dyke Road. This couples with short-term facilities at Mill Street and Bowling Green. In all, there are nearly 1,000 public parking spaces available between these lots.

Finally, private multi-storey car parks are also available. More than 2,000 spaces are accounted for between Hynes Park, Roches Stores, Eyre Square Centre, Harbour and Jury’s.