Airport Security at Kerry Airport

Kerry Airport

Handy security information while at Kerry Airport

One of the pleasures of checking into a small airport is the speed with which you can get through security. Lines are relatively short and security officials in smaller towns like this are almost always a bit friendlier. However, it is worth keeping in mind that a particularly busy day could present longer queues. With that in mind, the airport authority recommends showing up 1 hour to 90 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure just to be safe. Passengers with a rental car do well to tack on another 30 minutes just in case.

In most cases, passengers clear security in 15 or 20 minutes. When delays happen, they usually result from poor packing and organisation. To keep things running smoothly, make a point of limiting the number of metallic objects on your person, removing your cardigan or jacket and pulling your laptop computer out of its satchel.

As far as what can be carried on the plan, regulations are fairly predictable. Passengers can board with one carry-on item that weighs 10 kilograms or less. You are also allowed to carry a personal item such as a purse, briefcase or notebook computer.

Restricted items are equally predictable. Prohibited items include weapons, explosives, tools and anything else that might be used to hurt or injure a person. There are some items that passengers may not immediately realise would be turned away at security. For more information click here.