Knock Airport Security Considerations

Knock airport security

Things you should know

Standard security measures are enforced at Knock Airport. Safety protocol can slow down check-in times, especially during peak operational hours or when some passengers in the queue are not prepared to be screened. By making yourself aware of security procedures and taking a few preliminary steps, you can greatly reduce your check-in time.

If you are walking into Knock Airport and have not checked in yet, then airport officials advise allowing two hours to complete the process. Allot another 30 minutes if you need to drop off a Knock Airport hire car first. You probably won’t need this much time, but it’s best to play it safe. Finally, you can trim your expected time outlay by 30 minutes if you check in online before arriving at the airport.

As you prepare to pass through the security gates, you can speed the process by removing your shoes, jackets and belts before presenting yourself for screening. Notebook computers need to be removed from their cases before passing through the x-ray machine.

Passengers are allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage with them into the cabin. This is in addition to one personal item, such as a laptop, a briefcase or a purse. Any sharp or dangerous objects kept in the hand luggage will be confiscated by security officials, so make sure you have relegated these items to your checked luggage before check-in.

The list of prohibited items is straightforward and predictable, and it’s explained in more detail on the Knock Airport website. The restrictions that are most likely to catch passengers off guard relate to liquids and gels. EU regulations require that all liquids and gels carried into the cabin be kept in 100 millilitre bottles, the set of which must fit into a re-sealable plastic bag that can be stored in the passenger’s hand luggage.