Navan Parking

Navan parking

Navan Car Parking Options

Thanks in part to Navan’s popularity as a shopping destination in Ireland, this town has ample parking. In fact, many major shopping areas—such as the Navan Town Centre—offer free parking for customers. In addition, there are enough private parking spaces in Navan to accommodate upwards of 2,000 vehicles.

If you just plan on leaving your vehicle for a few hours near the city centre, then the most convenient parking is probably on Brews Hill at the O’Mahony GGA pitch. Cars can be left here for an affordable hourly rate within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants and boutiques.

Another car park located to the south-west of the stadium offers discount all-day parking. Leaving your vehicle for the day will cost roughly twice the hourly rate at the stadium.

Drivers will find several other private car parks around town, including at the following locations:

Opposite the Kennedy Centre (outside of St Mary’s Credit Union)
Behind the Kennedy Centre (at a filling station)
On the N51 / Kells Road
On Athlumney Road

Finally, parking is free out at the Ramparts, which is a good place to go for angling or riverside picnics. Just bear in mind that most locals wouldn’t leave a vehicle unattended here.  

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