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Navan Shops

While County Meath is home to a few of the finest historical attractions in all of Ireland, the actual city of Navan is less of a tourist centre and is better known as a shopping destination. To that end, many local Irish who visit Navan do so to stock up on supplies and discount merchandise.

In times past, Navan was best known for its furniture-manufacturing industry. Globalisation ultimately moved the furniture trade to Eastern Europe, and Navan has evolved into more of an all-purpose shopping destination. However, there is still an emphasis on house wares and furnishings.

The following shopping centres and retail parks are located in Navan:

Navan Town Centre
Navan Town Centre—which you may also hear called ‘Navan Shopping Centre’—is a local retail heavyweight. You won’t find any shopping centres of this size in any other Irish towns as small as Navan. Upwards of 70 retailers operate on site, and doors open at 09:00 each morning (except on Sundays, when they open at 12:00). Closing time is at 18:00 every night of the week except for Friday, when the shopping centre is open an extra three hours.

Located on Trimgate Street near St Mary’s Church, this is a member of the Irish Charity Shops Association. It deals in bric-a-brac, house wares, clothing, books and music. 

Blackcastle Shopping Centre
Located north of the river, this secondary shopping centre features a couple of restaurants along with a few basic services.

Blackwater Retail Park
This minor retail park deals primarily in gardening shops and home-repair depots. However, on-site angling outfitters can help visitors arrange a day of casting a line on the river.

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