Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport

About Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport is the westernmost airport in Europe and has served an important role in transatlantic travel. In the days when planes needed to refuel frequently in order to complete long-haul flights, Shannon was a last stop before crossing to North America. In fact, it was for this original purpose that the airport was launched.

The original airstrip began operating in the 1940s, but an overhaul in March of 2000 brought the terminal into the 21st century. One of the key features of Shannon Airport is the pre-screening facilities operated by US Customs and Border Protection. Passengers taking public and private flights across the Atlantic can complete immigration and customs proceedings in Ireland, and then pass through domestic channels upon landing in the US.

Around 2 million passengers pass through Shannon Airport every year. Flights connect to several regional destinations in Ireland and a few UK travel hubs. Overseas flights travel to New York’s JFK Airport, Newark, Toronto Paris CDG, Malaga, Palma, Tenerife and a few other cities.

Aer Lingus is one of the major carriers at the airport. Most of their traffic is to London, with seasonal transatlantic flights to Boston and New York. Ryanair offers the greatest number of routes and remains the most popular discount carrier in Shannon. Beyond this, Aer Lingus Regional, Delta Airlines, Thomson Airways and United Airlines – along with a few smaller carriers and charter services – are active at the terminal.

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