Shannon Airport Security

Shannon Airport security

Useful security information about Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport’s 40 check-in desks are located on the ground floor of the departures area, fronting an array of 14 boarding gates. It’s wise to allot plenty of time to checking in and clearing security, as predicting delays in service or clearance can be difficult. For those returning a hire car to Shannon Airport, plan for an extra 30 minutes just to be safe. Don’t be surprised if you complete this leg of your departure much more quickly.

For specific information about luggage allowances, contact your airline before setting out. Requirements vary, but standard procedures usually allow passengers to carry one personal item (such as a briefcase or laptop) along with one carry-on item. Dimensions of acceptable carry on may vary between airlines, but most require it to weigh in below 10 kilograms.

Passengers usually speed through the check-in facilities at Shannon Airport, though queues can be longer at the last minute. Delays are most likely to happen at the security checkpoint. Making fast work of security requires a few minutes’ preparation from passengers. Try to minimise loose change and have outer garments including jackets or cardigans ready to go through the x-ray machine.

EU regulations on liquids, gels and pastes also need to be considered. These items must be kept in bottles that are no larger than 100 millilitres. The entire lot of bottles carried by one passenger must fit into a plastic re-sealable that’s no bigger than 20 x 20 centimetres. Packing this in advance expedites security clearance.

Finally, certain items cannot be taken into the cabin at all. The following are all prohibited: Sharp tools and blades that could cut, puncture or slice Needles (including those used for sewing or knitting), syringes or darts Baseball bats, clubs and billiard cues Firearms, other projectile-firing devices and realistic toy guns