Visiting Bantry House

Bantry House

Bantry House, County Cork

Bantry House is one of the most popular attractions in Ireland, and it breathes character and drama. Built at the foot of a terraced garden, the Bantry House is beautiful from every angle – whether it be across Bantry Bay, from Whiddy Island or atop the Caha mountains.

The interior of Bantry House is equally striking, filled with elaborate French furniture, works of art and tapestries. The whole place perfectly illustrates the Baroque style. The original house was called Blackrock and was built by Samuel Hutchinson in 1720. The original structure survives at the centre of the present house.

Richard White, a wealthy farmer, bought the house it in 1746. He then proceeded to buy up the lands surrounding Bantry, including large swathes of the Beara Peninsula. His grandson, Richard White, then further expanded the property. A series of new renovations and additions took place in the following years.

In 1820, a two-storey addition was built onto the house. In 1845, a 14-bay block was constructed at the rear of the old house, and it was used to contain the art objects and European furnishing of the viscount at the time. Over the years, despite the series of additions to the house, it has retained its original beauty and friendly atmosphere. Travellers who want to visit Bantry House, or any of the beautiful Irish tourist destinations, can travel by car.