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Places to visit with your car rental

Once you are behind the wheel of a hire car in Waterford, you will be ready to get out and explore Ireland’s south-east. There’s a lot to appreciate in this area, from the commercial district of the Quay to the rugged beauty of the Copper Coast. With four-wheeled transport at your disposal, you can do your very best to experience all of it.

Even if you do not plan on doing much exploring in the countryside, there’s still ample cause to rent a car while you’re staying in Waterford. For starters, it’s easy to find parking near the shops and restaurants of the Quay, and having access to a hire car is going to cut out the need for you to shell out a lot of extra cash on taxi fares. Furthermore, when you have your own vehicle you can exercise a lot more control over where you travel and when you get there. 

But as mentioned, there’s also plenty to see outside of town as well. Major cities across the south of Ireland are a relatively short drive away. Kilkenny, Cork and Limerick are all within roughly two hours’ drive from Waterford. And given the relaxed policies of regarding vehicle pick-up and return, you may be able to pick up a car in Waterford only to drop it off elsewhere in Ireland.

The primary motorways running into and out of Waterford are the M9 (which runs north to Dublin), the N25 (which connects south-west to Cork) and the N24 (which heads west to Limerick). However, some of the best driving in the region occurs on county roads in the back country.

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