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Vehicle Codes Explained

ACRISS Car Classification Codes

ACRISS (Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards) is a standard used by car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Alamo, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, and National. Companies such as CARHIRE.ie utilise this standard.

The standard allows customers make informed choices about what vehicle to rent by classifying cars according to an easy to use four letter matrix. The four letter matrix provides 400 unique vehicle types. ACRISS codes are formed by assigning one letter from each category (category, type, transmission & fuel type and air conditioning).

When booking a rental car with CARHIRE.ie, you will see ACRISS codes used to define the particular car types available for hire. The benefits of using ACRISS codes are that car rental companies can clearly define small differences in car types, offer customers a greater choice of cars and ensure that customers receive the type of car they booked.


  • EBMN is an Economy car with 2-3 doors, manual transmission without air conditioning and could use either petrol or diesel
  • CDMD is a Compact car with 4-5 doors, manual transmission, diesel fuel and has air conditioning
  • IDAD is an Intermediate car with 4-5 doors, automatic transmission and uses diesel fuel and has air conditioning
  • DFMR is a Compact Elite SUV, manual transmission, has air conditioning and could use either petrol or diesel
  • PWAD is a Premium estate car with automatic transmission, diesel fuel and has air conditioning
  • SDMN is a Standard car with 4-5 doors, with manual transmission, without air conditioning and could use either petrol or diesel

First Letter:

The first letter in ACRISS codes represents the general classification of the vehicle type. Elite vehicles are those that have a higher specification or are deemed to be a higher quality car.

  • M - Mini
  • N - Mini Elite
  • E - Economy
  • H - Economy Elite
  • C - Compact
  • D - Compact Elite
  • I - Intermediate
  • J - Intermediate Elite
  • S - Standard
  • R - Standard Elite
  • F - Fullsize
  • G - Fullsize Elite
  • P - Premium
  • U - Premium Elite
  • L - Luxury
  • W - Luxury Elite
  • O - Oversize
  • X - Special

Second Letter:

The second letter in the ACRISS code specifies the type of vehicle on offer.

  • B - 2/3 Doors
  • C - 2/4 Doors
  • D - 4-5 Doors
  • W - Estate
  • V - Passenger Van
  • L - Limousine
  • S - Sport
  • T - Convertible
  • F - SUV
  • J - Open air all terrain vehicle
  • X - Special
  • P - Pickup (regular cab)
  • Q - Pickup (extended cab)
  • Z - Special offer car
  • E - Coupe
  • M - Monospace
  • R - Recreational vehicle
  • H - Motorhome
  • Y - 2 wheel vehicle
  • N - Roadster
  • G - Crossover
  • K - Commercial van/truck

Third Letter:

The third letter in ACRISS codes specifies the transmission of the vehicle on offer.
  • M - Manual car with unspecified drive type
  • N - Manual car with 4 wheel drive
  • C - Manual car with all wheel drive
  • A - Automatic car with unspecified drive type
  • B - Automatic car with 4 wheel drive
  • D - Automatic car with all wheel drive

Fourth Letter:

The fourth letter describes the fuel type and whether the vehicle has air conditioning or not.

  • R - Unspecified fuel with air conditioning
  • N - Unspecified fuel without air conditioning
  • D - Diesel fuel with air conditioning
  • Q - Diesel fuel without air conditioning
  • H - Hybrid power with air conditioning
  • I - Hybrid power without air conditioning
  • E - Electric power with air conditioning
  • C - Electric power without air conditioning
  • L - LPG fuel with air conditioning
  • S - LPG fuel without air conditioning
  • A - Hydrogen fuel with air conditioning
  • B - Hydrogen fuel without air conditioning
  • M - Multifuel with air conditioning
  • F - Multifuel without air conditioning
  • V - Petrol fuel with air conditioning
  • Z - Petrol fuel without air conditioning
  • U - Ethanol fuel with air conditioning
  • X - Ethanol fuel without air conditioning

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