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Dingle Oceanworld

Dingle Oceanworld, Co Kerry

Dingle Oceanworld is an aquarium in County Kerry which boasts a huge variety of sea creatures from all over the world. You’ll come face to face with penguins, sea turtles, rays, and the largest collection of sharks in Ireland. This aquarium, located in Dingle along the Wild Atlantic Way, will leave you in awe. 

There are multiple tanks housing a variety of sea life from different parts of the globe. The Polar Penguin Exhibition is one of the main attractions as it replicates their natural habitat, they have even managed to breed a hatchling which is notoriously hard to do in captivity. The Tropical Marine Tanks are where you’ll ‘find Nemo’ and much more. The Touch Pool is incredibly popular as you’ll have the chance to hold a starfish and stroke the friendly rays. The most notable attraction to be found here is the Shark Tank, it holds the largest collection of sharks in Ireland boasting 8 Black Tip Reef sharks & White Tip Reef Sharks along with a giant sea turtle and other inhabitants. These are but a few of the many tanks and collections here making this a great place to bring the family for a fun and informative day.

Admission is from €13.50 for adults and €9.00 for children while there are further discounts for students, seniors, and package deals. Tickets are valid all day which means you can come and go as you please making sure to come back for feeding times. The staff are very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, during feeding times staff will be close by giving talks and answering questions.
To find out more about Dingle Oceanworld, please visit www.dingle-oceanworld.ie.

Photo credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

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