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Kerry Airport Guide

If you are planning a trip to Ireland for leisure, business, or to see friends and family, check out our Kerry Airport guide for important details before you depart.

Kerry Airport

Where Do I Return My Car Rental to at Kerry Airport

One of the simple pleasures of hiring a car is the convenience of returning your vehicle to the airport, skipping the hassle of parking and being on your way in as little time as possible. Europcar Kerry Airport car hire is even more convenient. The returns station at this small regional airport is so close to the terminal, you won’t even need to board a shuttle bus.

Europcar associates recommend allowing half an hour for the return process, but it rarely takes this long. More often than not, 15 minutes is all you’ll need. With a returns process as easy and efficient as this, it’s hard to imagine why some travellers insist on handing out hefty cab fares for their duration of their stay in Kerry.

Those who have just completed the Ring of Kerry circuit most likely based themselves in Killarney. From here, it’s a 15-kilometre drive north on the N22. Driving south on the same road connects drivers from Tralee and the Dingle Peninsula to the airport. The 100-kilometre drive from Cork also follows the N22, while Limerick is nearly as far away along the N21.

As drivers approach the terminal on the N23, they can follow the signposts to the long-term car park. This is the same place where they collected the car in the first place, so it’s easy to recognise. Associates are on-site to assist with collections daily from 08:00 to 23:00. This coincides with standard flight departure times. Desk at Kerry Airport

Where Are We at Kerry Airport

Europcar offers car hire from Kerry Airport from the desk in the arrivals area. This is one of Ireland’s smaller airports, so finding your way from the luggage collection area to Europcar’s desk is easy. Please check Kerry Airport opening times page for more information. The on-site staff work hard to ensure that the collection process is as quick and painless as possible.

Getting from the Kerry Airport car rental desk to the actual collection point is easy. The Kerry fleet is kept in the terminal’s long-term car park. There’s no need for a shuttle bus, as the car park is just around the corner. It is standard protocol to carry out a quick visual inspection of the car, and the associates at the collection point will help you with this. Bear in mind: the average age of a Europcar vehicle is six months, and even the oldest are still under three years old.

Generally, the time between initiating collection in the Arrivals Hall and driving off the lot is about 15 minutes. With this behind them, drivers are ready to set out on the N22 and start exploring south-west Ireland. Some of the best driving opportunities are south at the Ring of Kerry, but there are plenty of other options. The Dingle Peninsula, Limerick and Cork are all within a short drive.

What Facilities Are There at Kerry Airport

Kerry Airport is well-equipped for a regional hub of this size. Passengers find everything they need, from retail outlets and a restaurant to Internet and exchange services.

The customer service desk is located in the central concourse. This is the place to direct enquiries related to reservations, accommodation, public transport and tourist attractions. Associates at the Kerry Airport car hire desk can also help with some of these issues – especially lodging and tourist information – as Europcar offers maps, booking information and exclusive accommodation deals through partner hotels in Ireland.

Near the customer service desk is the bureau de change. All major currencies are accepted. Public telephones, a gift shop and a pub are also on offer. If you’d like to access the Internet on a mobile device while waiting for your flight, consult with the customer service desk for information about the Wi-Fi network.

Ample parking is available at the terminal. If you’ll be leaving your vehicle for a few hours or overnight, the short-term car park is appropriate. It is located directly across from the front of the terminal. If you’re just picking up an arriving passenger, the first half-hour is free. Ten spaces in the short-term car park are reserved for disabled passengers. In these spots, the first hour is free.

The long-term parking lot takes about two minutes to reach on foot from the terminal. This is also where Europcar’s pick up and return point is located. In both car parks, drivers can pay with cash, MasterCard or Visa.

General information about Kerry Airport

Kerry serves Munster Province and County Kerry and sees plenty of tourist traffic thanks to the scenic and historic Ring of Kerry. This is excellent driving country, so there is ample demand for car rental at Kerry Airport. For this reason, it’s wise to book your Ring of Kerry hire car in advance to ensure that you have your preferred form of transportation waiting for you when you arrive.

Kerry Airport went commercial in the late 1980s and has been growing ever since. The airport is small compared to others in Ireland, but it’s been the recipient of millions of Euro in capital grants from the Republic of Ireland in recent years. The countryside is rugged out here, and the national tourism board promotes Kerry for its driving potential, scenic coastline and mountain views.

Service from Kerry is light and seasonal. Aer Lingus flies to Dublin throughout the year, while discount flier Ryanair connects to London and Frankfurt-Hahn year-round along with Faro and Alicante on a seasonal basis. Routes and schedules are likely to change, so it’s wise to check with the airport’s website to see what service is on when you’re visiting.

The airport has ample services and facilities to match its throughput. Public transport links include buses and taxis from the airport, and there is a railway station not far off. However, the attractive countryside and well-maintained motorways make hiring a car from Kerry Airport a much more attractive option.

Locating Kerry Airport

Gateway to County Kerry and the south-west region of Ireland, Kerry Airport is located in the small town of Farranfore (which is why some locals call it ‘Farranfore Airport’. County Kerry offers a few excellent driving opportunities for tourists, and the airport is the preferred pick up and return location for hire cars. With help from friendly associates at Europcar, you and your travelling companions will be exploring it yourself in no time.

The airport is accessed by the N23 motorway, which quickly connects to the N22. The single terminal building is located in the north-west quadrant of the airport, with runways to the east and south. As you are driving in from the N22, the turnoff to the Airport Road is clearly marked. Those driving their own vehicle can head to the car parks, which are located either east or south-west of the terminal. If driving courtesy of Europcar, just proceed to the drop-off point, and you’ll be ushered to the Departures Hall.

Passengers arriving at Kerry Airport will find Europcar’s help desk in the main arrivals area. There are many reasons to hire a car at Kerry Airport, but the most compelling is the chance to drive the Ring of Kerry on the Iveragh Peninsula. This is one of the most popular travelled circuits in Ireland, abounding with scenic views, ancient sites and small towns.

One of the most popular stopovers in the region is Killarney town, which can be reached by driving south for about 10 kilometres on the N22. Killarney’s no stranger to tourism, as it serves as launching point for the Ring of Kerry Drive. Alternatively, you can head north to the N21 and follow the signs to Tralee, where the Dingle Peninsula begins.

Handy security information while at Kerry Airport

One of the pleasures of checking into a small airport is the speed with which you can get through security. Lines are relatively short and security officials in smaller towns like this are almost always a bit friendlier. However, it is worth keeping in mind that a particularly busy day could present longer queues. With that in mind, the airport authority recommends showing up 1 hour to 90 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure just to be safe. Passengers with a rental car do well to tack on another 30 minutes just in case.

In most cases, passengers clear security in 15 or 20 minutes. When delays happen, they usually result from poor packing and organisation. To keep things running smoothly, make a point of limiting the number of metallic objects on your person, removing your cardigan or jacket and pulling your laptop computer out of its satchel.

As far as what can be carried on the plan, regulations are fairly predictable. Passengers can board with one carry-on item that weighs 10 kilograms or less. You are also allowed to carry a personal item such as a purse, briefcase or notebook computer.

Restricted items are equally predictable. Prohibited items include weapons, explosives, tools and anything else that might be used to hurt or injure a person. There are some items that passengers may not immediately realise would be turned away at security. For more information click here.

Places to Shop and Eat at Kerry Airport

After dropping your Kerry Airport hire car off at the long-term car park, you may find that you have more time on your hand than you anticipated. This is often what drives passengers to the restaurant and bar or airside gift shop. Options are limited, but there is enough on offer to keep passengers busy until their flight boards.

The only major shopping outlet in the terminal is called the Gift Shop. It’s located in the Departures Hall and targets outgoing tourists who need to pick up a last-minute gift for those on the other side of their flight. Merchandise includes ceramics, leather goods, jewellery, spirits, chocolates and perfumes. Practical traveller sundries are also for sale in the gift shop.

The aptly named Kerry Airport Restaurant and Bar is terminal’s only eatery. It’s in the common area between the departures and arrivals area, so it’s open to anyone coming into or leaving the airport. The restaurant serves hot and cold meals along with tea, coffee and soft drinks. The bar is fully serviced.

For passengers who ended up getting to the terminal with more free time than they intended, the Restaurant and Bar can be a good place to take advantage of the Wi-Fi broadcasting throughout the terminal. Enquiries concerning use of the terminal’s Wi-Fi network can be directed to the Customer Service Desk.

Public Transport to and from Kerry Airport

Kerry Airport has good public transportation links given its size. Taxis, buses and trains are all on offer. However, visitors are much keener on hiring a car in the Arrivals Hall and setting out to explore the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula. The Airport Road (N23) connects to the N22, which runs north-to-south and provides access to attractions in both directions.

Travel by car

As mentioned, Kerry Airport is easily reached by car via the N22 motorway. This thoroughfare connects south to the town of Killarney, which is about 15 kilometres away and serves as start point for the Ring of Kerry circuit. From here, it’s a short drive to the sites located on the Iveragh Peninsula. Killarney National Park is also further on.

Alternatively, drivers can head north to Tralee, where the mountains of the Dingle Peninsula begin. Drivers who want to keep the tour rolling can also drive north-east to Limerick or south-east to Cork, both of which are roughly 100 kilometres away.

Travel by taxi

Taxis use these same roads, but they charge high fares compared to Car Hire Ireland discounted rates. Be sure to negotiate the fare with your driver before you climb in. The rank is located directly outside of the main arrivals area.

Travel by bus

Buses also queue outside of the Arrivals Hall. They offer service to all of the major towns in the area. Cork and Limerick are both about 1 hour, 30 minutes away in their respective directions. You can also connect to Killarney and Tralee in 30 minutes or less.

Travel by train

Kerry Airport may be relatively small, but it offers something no other airport in Ireland can – easy access to a railway station. At less than 2 kilometres away, the train station is actually within walking distance. The station at Farranfore is one of the last stops before Limerick (from Ennis) and Tralee (from Dublin and Cork).

Useful links you may need about Kerry Airport

Kerry Airport’s web presence is as thorough as some of the heavy hitters in Ireland. However, there is plenty of information online for those planning a visit. Beyond that, there is a great deal of online information regarding County Kerry and its many tourist attractions.

On the Kerry Airport website, surfers can find basic information regarding arriving and departing flights. For those who are actually interested in planning out their itinerary, there is plenty of useful information available through the Tourism Ireland website, independent sites for the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula, and on the ‘Discover Ireland’ website.

Remember, you can also direct enquiries to Europcar’s help desk in the Arrivals Hall of Kerry Airport. The staff are well-versed in local offerings, and they’re happy to help you coordinate bookings and adventures in County Kerry. In the meantime, take a moment to explore the information about Kerry available on the Internet.

These are some of the most important links related to Kerry Airport:

Tourism in Ireland

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