Security Information at Cork Airport

Cork Airport Security

Cork Airport

Cork Airport’s sleek, new design simplifies the check-in and security screening process. The check-in desks are on the ground hall of the terminal. As you enter through the front door, the ticketing counters and departure desks are to the left.

Luggage requirements depend on the airline, but most allow you to carry one carry-on item with you. Typically, this bag must weigh no more than 10 kilograms and fit in the overhead compartment. Beyond this, you can also carry a personal item with you. This could be a notebook computer, a purse or a briefcase.

When setting your carry-on luggage aside, be sure that you have removed all liquids and gels aside. Current EU security regulations require that any liquids, gels or pastes carried onto an airplane be kept in 100 millilitre bottles, all of which must fit into a one re-sealable plastic bag no bigger than 20 cm x 20 cm (about 1 litre).

The regulations related to liquids are the only ones that cause much confusion. Beyond this, the prohibitions are more obvious and easier to anticipate. Anything that could explode, slice, cut or inflict blunt force trauma is prohibited in the cabin. This rules out most tools, sporting equipment, kitchen utensils, etc. Furthermore, anything that fires a projectile (including realistic-looking toy guns) are not allowed.

Representatives at Cork Airport recommend showing up about 90 minutes ahead of your scheduled flight in order to check-in and clear security. If you are returning your hired car at Cork Airport location, you may want to add another 30 minutes just to be safe.