Driving Distances in Ireland - Kilometers

driving distances kilometers

To get the driving times in Ireland, for each route click on the time entry in the chart bellow. All distances bellow are quoted in kilometers are and approximate. Please allow plenty of time as this can vary on the weather conditions.

Kilometers Belfast
Cork 420km
Dublin 255km 170km
Galway 215km 200km 315km
Kilkenny 170km 135km 160km 305km
Killarney 205km 210km 300km 90km 470km
Limerick 110km 155km 100km 195km 125km 360km
Sligo 230km 340km 240km 140km 210km 330km 200km
Waterford 285km 130km 190km 50km 220km 160km 130km 330km

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