M50 Toll Payments

M50 toll charges

Almost all of toll roads/bridges in Ireland are straight forward, you drive up to the barrier or booth and you pay the fee related to your vehicle size. This is the situation for all but one toll bridge in Ireland and that is the M50 toll bridge.

Further Information about the M50 Toll Road

Dublin has one automatic toll road, the M50 which is the ring road around Dublin. People who drive this route are liable to pay a toll for using the road. We will explain and also offer literature about the M50 when you pick up your car. It is really important you do pay for the M50 yourself after passing through.

Toll Charges

  • Car - €3.10
  • Combi-Vans - €3.90
  • Large Vans - €6.30

The M50 road is an orbital route around Dublin. It is a faster way of getting around the city but is by no means a necessity to get anywhere. Alternative routes to avoid the M50 toll can be achieved.

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