Murphy's Brewed Specialty in Cork, Ireland


Tasting famous Murphy's Stout

For many, the chance to sample an authentic Irish stout makes a holiday in Ireland all the more attractive. The nation is famous for its coffee-like dark beer, and some of the breweries are tourist attractions in themselves.

Murphy’s Brewery, located at Lady’s Well in County Cork, is one of the most famous stout producers in Ireland. It was actually known as Lady’s Well Brewery until Heineken purchased it in the 1980s. Murphy’s has been in production for more than 150 years, and it’s now available all over the world. The brewery itself is not open to the public for tours, as this a genuine production plant. However, fans of Irish stout will still want to drive out and have a look – if only from the outside.

If you are exploring County Cork by hire car, then visiting the brewery is easy. Once you are in the area, you can seek out a pint of your at local pubs and inns. This is one of the most successful stouts in Ireland, and there is no shortage of supply at local watering holes.

Hiring a car in Ireland allows you to single out the attractions that are most appealing to you, without having to sift through the extra baggage of a package tour. This frees up true fans of the stout to plan their own personal pilgrimage to Murphy’s Brewery.

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